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Graduate Preparation Program: Description

The Graduate Preparation Program (GPP) is a program that prepares international ESL students for graduate studies at the University of Guelph and other Canadian universities. 

For students with an Advanced level of English, the program has two components, each lasting 14 weeks.  The first component consists of the Advanced Level of the English Language Certificate Program (ELCP). For more information about the ELCP, please visit

The second component focuses on the specific skills students need to be successful as a graduate student. Successful completion of this program meets the English proficiency requirements for admission to University of Guelph’s graduate programs. 

Students with a lower level of English will be placed in a lower level of the ELCP in order to complete their English language training.  Upon completion of the Advanced Level, they may enter the second component.

Depending on the English proficiency level, students will study according to the following plan:

English Proficiency Level

First semester (14 weeks)

Second semester (14 weeks)

Advanced Level

ELCP Level 9 and Level 10 (Advanced Level)


Lower than Advanced Level

Study in the ELCP.  Level placement depends on English proficiency.  The ELCP has 10 levels from Beginner to Advanced.

Continue studying in ELCP.  Students may complete the Advanced Level and then study in the GPP.


Completion of the GPP does not guarantee admission to the University of Guelph or other degree programs.   Admission to graduate programs is determined by the admissions departments of the graduate programsFor more information about admission to the University of Guelph Graduate Studies, you are encouraged to visit: .


Entry requirements
• A four-year bachelor degree from a recognized university with a B average or higher and a serious commitment to enrol in graduate studies
• A minimum of IELTS 5.5 or TOEFL iBT 46.  This is equivalent to an Intermediate level of English.  Students who enter with an Intermediate level of English will need to study in the English Language Certificate Program to reach Component 1 (the Advanced Level)


Features of the Graduate Preparation Program
• Intensive academic English language training for 25 hours a week in the language-training component (ELCP)
• Work with an academic advisor who will advise you on the application process including identifying appropriate programs and potential advisors, writing the statement of interest, and completing applications
• Enhance your career and achieve your personal enrichment goals by improving your academic English skills
• Get advice on identifying and selecting a graduate program
• Develop an academic profile and statement of research interest
• Strengthen writing skills for academic and professional purposes
• Learn to communicate effectively in academic situations
• Build confidence in your writing and speaking skills
• Practice leading seminars and learn how to conduct a literature review
• Learn IELTS test taking strategies
• Develop critical thinking and analytical skills

Contact our office, at:

If you are a student from China, please consult the list of Education Agencies that are authorized to represent the Graduate Preparation Program.

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