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English Language Certificate Program

Program Description
The English Language Certificate Program is an intensive academic English program designed to prepare you for academic success. You will learn the skills you need to succeed in university studies at the undergraduate and graduate levels. The fourteen-week semester program has five hours of classes per day in five subjects: Grammar, Reading, Writing, Listening, and Speaking.

Typical Student:
Students in the English Language Certificate Program are over age 18, have completed secondary school with strong marks, have an intermediate level of English proficiency and have an academic goal to study at university, either at the undergraduate level or the graduate level.

Language Levels

Name of Level Description of Class Level Duration of Class Level
Level 1 High beginner level 7 weeks
Level 2 High beginner level 7 weeks
Level 3 Low Intermediate level 7 weeks
Level 4 Low Intermediate level 7 weeks
Level 5 Intermediate level - Most students who have studied English in secondary school enter the program at this level. 7 weeks
Level 6 Intermediate level 7 weeks
Level 7 High Intermediate level 7 weeks
Level 8 High Intermediate level 7 weeks
Advanced Level 9 Advanced level - Completon of both Level 9 and Level 10 meets the English proficiency requirement for entry into degree programs. 7 weeks
Advanced Level 10 Advanced level 7 weeks

Placement Testing
You will be tested a few days prior to the start of the program for placement into the level of English class that best fits your current level. You may enter the program at any level.

A Typical Week

Subject Number of Classes
Grammar 5 hours of classes
Reading 5 hours of classes
Writing 5 hours of classes
Listening 5 hours of classes
Speaking 5 hours of classes
Conversation Patner 1 hour per week with U of Guelph native English student (minimum)
Total 26 hours per week

The times of classes vary according to the availability of classrooms. Some classes are held later in the day.
After class: Conversation Partner meetings, cultural and social activities, and Buddy Program. There are a minimum of two field trips per semester.

Certificate of Proficiency
When you successfully complete the Advanced level of the English Language Certificate Program, you earn the University of Guelph Certificate of English Proficiency. This certificate meets the English Proficiency requirements for admission to the University of Guelph, University of Guelph-Humber and Wilfrid Laurier University.

Each semester, students participate in field trips designed for enjoyment and to teach about Canadian life.Here is a sample list of activities, which vary according to the season:
• Bus trip to Niagara Falls
• Bus trip to Toronto Zoo, Canada's Wonderland
• Ski trip to local ski club: lessons, equipment and lift ticket included
• Learn to Skate session at ice arena
• Bus trip to Elora Gorge Conservation Area park hiking
• Canoeing on the Speed River (located in the City of Guelph)
• Bus trip to Toronto to CN Tower, SkyDome, and sports teams
• Bus trip to St. Jacobs – historic Mennonite country

Program Benefits:

  • Integrated learning environment
  • University of Guelph library privileges
  • Monthly local bus pass
  • Personal University of Guelph email account
  • Unlimited Internet access on campus
  • Use of more than 1000 campus computers on campus
  • Field trips each semester to local tourist sites
  • Academic advising to assist you with your application to university
  • Membership to Athletics Centre: swimming pools, ice rinks, squash and tennis courts, and gymnasium.
  • Assistance with Visa Renewals
  • Campus and community tours
  • On campus social and athletic activities
  • Weekly conversation practice with a native English speaker
  • Classrooms located throughout University of Guelph campus
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